Break Free From Porn Addiction

In South Africa, we take safety seriously. We protect our homes with alarm systems, high walls, and armed response teams–but what have you done to protect yourself and your household from the harm of internet pornography? 

The pornography industry makes billions of dollars a year transferring millions of Gigabytes of data on and off servers daily. The increase in internet use due to smartphones has only caused the industry to expand. Over the last few years South Africa has made it on the top 20 countries that daily view pornography. The epidemic is growing in South Africa at a rapid rate. 

That’s where we come in. 

Previously addicted to pornography, Brendan knows very well the challenges and effort it takes to get out—to Break Free—from pornography’s grasp. Our mission is to show South Africa the damage porn is doing to us both now and in the long-term. But, using psychological, technological, social, and spiritual resources, I also want to show you the way out. 

Together, we can make South Africa safer for ourselves and for our kids.

Meet The Team

Brendan & Kate Botha

Brendan & Kate are High School sweethearts. They dated for 7 years before getting married. Brendan’s battle and recovery from pornography began shortly before they started dating. Kate is a trained foundations phase teacher and Brendan is a trained IT administrator and lay counselor. Kate runs her own blog amongst other things. Brendan loves South African history and his woodwork.

Dr. Rob Pluke

Dr. Rob Pluke is a Counselling Psychologist in private practice. He has a special interest in adolescent mental and the father-child relationship. Rob is the author of ‘A son to be proud of’ and ‘Parenting the sensitive child’. Rob has long-since resigned himself to the fact that, when it comes to family life, he’ll never stop learning.

Grant Bhekumuzi Edkins

Grant Bhekumuzi is passionate about human beings and has filled many roles I.e. teacher, builder, trainer, director, fundraiser, manager yet now tries to be the best dad and husband he can be. He loves all sports and hates DIY.